Mercedes Benz Pays-Bas

As an automotive brand with a high symbolic value, Mercedes-Benz wants to communicate with its public, inform them, maintain their interest and build brand loyalty. But the brand also wants to maintain and develop its public image. Among the many communication methods available, the choice of a specific customer magazine is unavoidable. It offers the possibility to focus on many topics directly related to the brand, such as the arrival of new models, the famous historical models of the Star Brand, technological developments or even motorsport in general. But a magazine can also go beyond the specific automotive world. For example, interesting topics can be covered for readers, such as travel, gastronomy and art in all its forms, as well as themes that convey the same values as Mercedes-Benz, such as modernity, refinement, elegance and art of living.

Reader profile:

  • 30 to 55 years old and over
  • Language choice: 55% Nl – 45% Fr
  • Income: 2 x average
  • Education: secondary or higher
  • Professional group: independent contractors, seniors or above

Highly loyal to the brand, interest is primarily in:

Comfort, luxury, technology, gadgets, travel,
Cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, life and sports

Hobbies: golf, tennis, sailing

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