Rixos Magazine is an international luxury life magazine that presents different passions, unusual places, fashion, culture, art and many other topics that make life enjoyable.

Rixos Hotel’s Life, Fashion and cultur-art magazine.
Rixos is an international VIP magazine, which includes many different tastes of the world, alternative passions, fashion, art and other Topics that make life enjoyable.
Throughout the year, Rixos magazine will be available for over million guests in all our domestic and foreign hotel rooms, villas, lobbies, jets, transfering vehicles and yachts. Rixos Magazine reaches the addresses of A+ guests who have stayed in upper segment rooms and meets its readers with its interesting content.


Reader Profil:
Men: 56%
Women: 44%

Distribution places:
At all the Rixos Hotels Rooms, suites, villas, lobbies, restaurants, Spa centers, jets, yachts and transfer vehicles.

Editorial Calender 2023:
Second Issue
Advertisement Dead Line April 5th

Third Issue
Advertisement Dead Line July 5th

Fourth Issue
Advertisement Dead Line October 5th


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